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                Mystic Metals Body Jewelry launched in 2007, and has been the leader in high quality resin picture plugs ever since.


                Mystic Metals' talented staff of artisans and artists ensure the highest production standards, and our team of well known artists design new and unique works for our plugs. Each team member shows his expertise and love for the body modification culture in each piece he or she works on in order to bring you the best, clearest, and most unique plugs anywhere. Mystic Metals prides itself on being a part of the community, and a personal touch and communication is paramount to the Mystic model. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or replying to an email, the connection to the fans is a top priority. Every Mystic fan is a Mystic friend.

                Mystic Metals seeks out only the best and most original visual artists to provide works for the resin picture plugs. From in house staff artists, to internationally known tattoo artists, Mystic is guaranteed to provide art that you will find no where else. Have an idea or an original piece of art that you'd like to wear in a plug? Use the custom link on the website to get your one of a kind plugs.

                Resin picture plugs not your thing? Mystic Metals has a bevy of wood and stainless steel jewelry choices, as well as bone and a wide variety of stone. There is something for every lobe at Mystic Metals Body Jewelry. If you have a request, don't be afraid to ask on our social media or through the support email. Check out Mystic on Facebook and Instagram for contests, fan photos, new product photos, and the body mod culture question of the day.


                Mystic Metals Body Jewelry. Plugs your lobes will love.

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Mystic Metals Body Jewelry
1329 Kings Highway
Pilesgrove, NJ US

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